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>> nasty consequences. not just for the united states, but for the entire global economy, because the u.s. is such a big player. >> a lot's at stake, not only for this economy but for the world. so the president says he wants a deal in the next ten days.
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hello, i'm bruce johnson and thanks for joining us this sunday night. the good news is they're still talking. congressional leaders met with president barack obama for about an hour and a half tonight. the bad news, no deal that would raise the debt limit. matt joins us live from outside the white house. >> reporter: first, it's believed a deal would have to be reached by july 22nd or the u.s. would have to defacility on its loans for the first time in the u.s. history. for democrats and republicans say they don't want that to happen but tonight the question remains who's willing to compromise? despite the fact that another day has come and gone without a deal to extend the nation's debt limit, president obama says he remains confident that a deal can be done in time to avoid having the u.s. default on its loans. >> we can meet our fiscal challenge. >> reporter: a deal that would raise the country's $14 trillion dollar debt limit in exchange for a commitment to save roughly $4 trillion over
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the next decade. >> i know we can do this. >> reporter: but judging from the sound bites coming from both sides of the aisle, the president's optimism doesn't seem to be shared by many, if any other political leaders. >> some of this will come forward on sunday evening. >> reporter: house minority leader nancy pelosi says massive cuts in medicare and social security are simply off the table. >> we are not going to reduce the deficit or subsidize tax cuts for the rich on the backs of america's seniors and working families. >> reporter: while house speaker john baner continues to balk at the idea of raising taxes on wealthy americans. >> tax hikes on families and job creators would only make things worse. >> reporter: now baner is offering a compromise of sorts, floating the idea of saving only $2.4 trillion instead of $4 trillion in exchange for an agreement to extend the nation's debt ceiling and avoid having the u.s. default on its loans. >> i'm ready to roll up my
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sleeves over the next several weeks and months and i know both parties are ready to do that as well. >> reporter: after tonight's meeting ended at the white house, both democratic and republican leaders said they plan to meet with president obama again first thing tomorrow morning. bruce? >> matt, thanks a lot for that. now we're joined by maryland congressman chris van holland. he's also a member of the ranking house committee. thanks for joining us. i think we set it up, the lines drawn in the sand here, but where is this going to end up? >> august 2nd is a hard deadline. we've got to get some kind of agreement before then or as people said in the lead-in here, the economy will tank. the united states has never before defaulted on its debt. it's like everyone deciding not to pay their mortgage or any of their creditors. it would be a huge hit to the economy. what's frightening is our republican colleagues said if you don't give us a budget deal the way we want it, we will allow that default to happen. so we've got to overcome that. >> republicans seem to be dug
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in. no tax increases for anybody, including big businesses, which is what you want. my question is, are democrats, the president prepared to allow for a vote to increase the debt ceiling without the tax increases? will you take the hit on the budget cuts, on the spending cuts? >> what democrats are billing to do is have a clean vote on the debt ceiling to say we want to have a budget deficit package, but we're not going to hold the whole economy in the debt ceiling hostage to that. let's have a clean up and down vote. >> you're not going to get that. >> democrats are not the ones saying we're going to put the entire economy at risk if we don't get things our way. we're willing to say let's do this in separate packages. unfortunately our republican colleagues have said you've got to do it our way, but their way is unbalanced a little the president pointed out. >> baner backed off of the president's bigger picture, $4 trillion. now we're talking $2 1/2 trillion. it looks like all that would be spending cuts. not tax increases. they're saying no on the tax
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increases. would democrats go along with that? probably i know the answer to that, no. >> no. i was part of the biden talks and we made it clear from the beginning whether you do $2.4 trillion or $4 trillion package, it has to be balanced, just like every bipartisan commission has concluded if you're really going to be serious about the deficit reduction, you can't do it all on the backs of seniors. you can't slash education in the medicare guarantee. that's just a reckless approach. you need a balanced approach. and that is what we've said. and unfortunately, republicans have said they're more interested in protecting special interest tax breaks whether it's corporate jets, oil and gas companies, than getting this deficit under control. >> correct me if i'm wrong. it seems the president right now is between a rock and a hard place. he doesn't have any wiggle room. he can't allow the country to default. okay? you've got to raise that debt ceiling. he's got to get that done one way or another. is that not correct? >> well, we absolutely have to do it and you would hope our republican colleagues would
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understand that. and i think in their moments behind closed doors, the republican leaders recognize that, but we've got like a tiger by their tail, because they've got a whole tea party element in their caucus. >> what's the risk for republicans? we know the risk for the president. he's already in trouble because of the economy. what's the risk for the republicans, taking a hard line position of no tax increases no matter what, even if it jeopardizes the debt ceiling. >> well, the risk really is for all of us as americans and what would happen to the economy. now, with respect to the republicans, i think the president has demonstrated that he's willing to compromise. he's put on the table some very tough issues, and he said, look, just meet me halfway. not even halfway. the president said the great majority of this package is cuts, so you've got to do tax loopholes. >> does he have a hammer to address the nation tomorrow? >> i think tomorrow the president will appeal one more time to the nation to say call upon the congress, call upon everybody to be willing to not just take, take, take, but give
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a little, because compromise for the good of the country requires that. >> congressman, thanks a lot for coming in. >> good to be with you. thanks. 9 news, stick with us for the latest developments regarding the debt ceiling debate. tomorrow morning representative van holland will be on the early show to talk about the negotiations. a 16-year-old boy is being credited with saving the lives of his neighbors after a fire struck an apartment building in alexandria. the teen went into action getting everybody out safely. lindsey mastis talked to the young hero. >> reporter: when firefighters got here, they were relieved to see that everyone inside this apartment was out. it's unusual, because the fire started around 3:00 a.m. when people were sound asleep. that was the time 16-year-old brandon presley was getting home from the movies. >> i went in the building. i pulled the fire alarm and started banging on everybody's door saying wake up, wake up, wake up. >> reporter: brandon says he worked on waking everyone up
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inside his building. then he went outside and woke everyone up at the next building and even this building. he said he wasn't going to stop until he knew everyone was outside and across the street at the playground. >> kick in doors, making sure everybody was waking up, knocking on windows. >> reporter: he had to wake up his mom. >> mom, it's on fire, it's on fire. >> reporter: when he got her to safety. >> she forgot her phone, so i had to run back in the house to get her phone. >> reporter: it took 60 firefighters 40 minutes to put out the flames, but they didn't even know there was a fire until this woman called 911. >> i was sleeping and started coughing. >> reporter: first she got her 4-year-old daughter to safety. >> my mom waked me up and i saw the fire up the house. >> reporter: then she started knocking on doors, too. by the time the fire was out, there was more than $100,000 worth of damage, everything can be fixed. brandon hopes that's soon so he can focus on his dreams. >> my dream is to go to college, become an accountant. i want to go to george mason.
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>> he certainly has the personality to accomplish anything he sets his mind to, no matter what the obstacles. in alexandria, i'm lindsey mastis, 9 news now. >> fairfax county fire and rescue says the building is public housing. for now, they're making arrangements for families at a local hotel. that fire was caused by an electrical malfunction. the search is on tonight in prince george's county for a suspect who shot a man in a temple hills maryland motel. it happened early this morning at the budget inn on branch avenue. the victim was taken to a local hospital. he is expected to survive tonight. for the third time this weekend, it happened. fighter jets intercepted a small plane for flying too close to camp david. on saturday, two planes were intercepted near the presidential retreat and this morning a third plane was escorted from camp david's airspace. all of the planes did not have radio communication. the first family spent part of the weekend at camp david. tonight, nasa's monitoring
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a piece of space junk that could come dangerously close to the international space station. the object is expected to make its closest approach on tuesday, right in the middle of a planned spacewalk. space junk was discovered earlier today when the space shuttle atlantis docked at the space station. atlantis is making nasa's final shuttle mission. still ahead, prosecutors say her story is not credible, but now some activists coming out in support of the hotel made who accused him of rape. he caught a historic baseball at yankee stadium and gave it back to the slugger who hit it. what they're doing to honor his gift. olga? >> one last possible night before heat and humidity makes a return. i'm tracking a forecast that starts on the mild side, builds in the heat and humidity and we'll dial it up toward the beginning of the work week. i'll have details of the seven- day forecast in a few minutes.
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they officially stopped at the embattled tabloids the news of the world. the final edition was published with the headline thank you and goodbye. rupert murdoch shut the paper down after a phone hacking
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scandal. they hacked into the cell phones of celebrities, military vets killed in action and most recently the cell phone of a 13- year-old murder victim. the obama administration is taking a tough line tonight with pakistan. it suspended $800 million in military aid to that country because of estranged relations between the u.s. and pakistan. today white house chief of staff william daily said the estranged relationship between the two countries, quote, must be made to work overtime. he also said pakistan's political system is still reeling from u.s. raids that found and killed osama bin laden. new support for the made who accused former imf head of rape. a group of community activists in new york are demanding that the d.a. continue prosecuting the case. >> they must continue this case. >> demanding that they continue with this case, give this woman her day in court. >> questions about the
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accused's credibility were uncovered by investigators working for the d.a.'s office. that led a judge to lift his house arrest order. the activists admit the maid lied about her immigration status and to the irs but that doesn't mean she's lying about the sexual assault they charge. new questions about why a double am but tee war veteran was allowed to ride a roller coaster that threw him to his death. the sergeant was killed friday night after being ejected from the ride of steel roller coaster. there is an investigation underway tonight, but industry experts say it was a bad decision from him and the ride's operator. his relatives say they do not hold the amusement park responsible. tributes for first lady betty ford continue to pour in with two memorial services planned this week. thousands are streaming through the gerald ford presidential museum in michigan. someplacing flowers and candlesat the entrance. others are lining up to pay
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their respects by signing a memorial book and taking pictures of the former first lady. on tuesday, a memorial service will be held in california. a second service will be held in betty ford's hometown, grand rapids, michigan. that's on thursday. casey anthony has plans for when she's released from jail, nobody's saying. in one week she will be a free woman. the 25-year-old was acquitted last week of murdering her 2- year-old daughter, caylee. 64% of americans believe she did it. that's according to a usa today poll. casey anthony was convicted of lying to investigators. the judge gave her credit for years served and set a release date of july 17th. this historic setting gets millions of laughs on a nightly basis. but a break-in new york's edsullivan's theater was far
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from funny. a 22-year-old drunk man pride open the entrance and trashed the lobby. "the late show" with dave letterman which was taped there was not damaged, we're told. the new york yankees are hooking this guy up. he's 23-year-old christian lopez. yesterday, he caught the ball that became hit number 3,000 for derek jeter. lopez gave the ball back. in return, the yankees are giving him four tickets to a luxury suite for the rest of the season plus front row seats for tonight's game and a host of yankees clothing and bats. a good day today, weatherwise, huh? >> absolutely beautiful. >> you tell us you're going to keep it going? >> i think we can squeak out a halfway decent day tomorrow. the heat and humidity is creeping in tonight, a little touch of mugginess in the air right now. as we get into tomorrow evening and into tuesday, watch out. things are going to really heat up. we're definitely coming back to our typical july pattern. it was good while it lasted with the north/northwesterly
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wind, but it is over now. subtle change is already underway. we're keeping the skies clear tonight which is a good thing. as we head into tomorrow, things will start to change for, i guess, the mugginess and at least the air quality going down a bit. temperatures have gone down quite a bit since sunset. we're sliding down into the 80s and most of us are into the 70s, including 79 in arlington. 82 still in the city center, but even down into the middle range 70s off toward the south and east. in all, it's going to be a pretty decent night overnight tonight. mainly clear skies. moonlight and a lot of stars out there. we will see the possibility for more heat and humidity building in gradually throughout the day tomorrow. we're starting out the morning with a bit of a haze. air quality definitely suffering tomorrow with a code orange alert already in place. if you're one of the sensitive groups, you want to limit your time outdoors tomorrow. then i'm tracking a mini heat wave on the way. we're going to slide into the upper 90s to start the work week, and then get a little bit
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of relief later on. futurecast forecast models, clear and quiet for today and early tomorrow morning. by tomorrow afternoon, i'll put this forward to about 6:00 p.m. notice this is a little bit of developing up toward the mountains. most won't make it quite to our region just yet. we might see some overcast skies as we head into the early morning hours of tuesday, but it should be a pretty clear and quiet commute. tuesday afternoon, i think we'll have the better chance to see more of that widespread opportunity for the scattered showers and storms to really hit closer to the metro region. overnight tonight, keep in mind that we will have at least a little bit of that light and variable wind moving on through and temperatures should be quite nice. tomorrow morning, things do definitely change. we'll be kicking off in the 60s and 70s. we'll take that southwest wind and pump up the heat factor all the way into the lower and middle 90s by tomorrow afternoon. now, the seven-day forecast is going to feature heat tomorrow,
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higher heat for tuesday. and then i think that will be the turning point for us. by the time we get into wednesday and thursday. behind the next system, the wind shift makes all the difference. once we get that north breeze blowing on through for wednesday and thursday, i think a pretty pleasant stretch is coming our way toward the middle and the end of the week. but we've got to get through tuesday to get there. >> okay. olga, thanks a lot. coming up on 9 news now, tonight on their last day in america, the world's most famous newlyweds gave some unsuspected fans a royal surprise. plus, what if you were only allowed to check your work e- mail three times a day? think you could get your work done? we'll show you the company that says workers are more effective when they do just that. back in a minute. what makes the sleep number store different?
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you walk into a conventional mattress store, it's really not about you. they say, "well, if you want a firm bed you can lay on one of those, if you want a soft bed you can lay on one of those." we provide the exact individualization that your body needs. oh yeah. it's really molding to my body. once they get our bed, they're like, "why didn't i do this sooner?" during our summer closeout, get the lowest prices of the season on our most popular bed sets. experience the sleep number difference. only at one of our 400 sleep number stores. >> many of us are plugged in. we check e-mails, surf the web, im friends and family throughout the day. but some companies fear all of that multitasking is tearing away at our concentration and affecting the quality of our work. so they're limiting web surfing, checking e-mail and texting. experts followed one company's employees for nine months. after a multitasking ban was implemented. and even those initially skeptical say the ban is actually working.
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>> and i'm not constantly shifting from one task to another. i'm able to put more thought into an individual task. >> i do think if you can temper your kind of compulsive checking of messages and shifting of focus, you can unlock some deeper sources of creativety and conceptual thinking. >> she noticed a higher level of creativity and concentration in the employees work. if you want to hit one of the hottest clubs in the country you don't have to go too far from home. according to billboard magazine dc 30 is the runner-up for the hottest venue in america. the only club considered better is the joint at the hard rock cafe in las vegas. coming in at number three, club nokia in l.a. number four is atlantic city's house of blues. prince william and wife katherine are headed back to
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the other side of the pond tonight. the royal couple spent the time in california wowing crowds. we report on their last day in la-la land. >> reporter: back over the pond they go, the royal couple who wowed everyone from hollywood celebrities to inner city kids. >> reporter: the last stop on the royal tour of southern california was at a jobs program for veterans. >> to help those returning from active service, to open a new chapter in their lives and find employment when they retire from the military. >> reporter: the duke and duchess gave a royal treat to neighbors of the british con you'll general -- consul general where they stayed all weekend. for those only hoping for a royal sighting, it was a thrill. >> it's all fan stas particular. >> she asked her her name and shook both of our hands. she was so friendly and so gracious. >> when people think of los angeles they think of hollywood, not skid row, where
11:25 pm
there are thousands of homeless. a royal visit puts a spotlight on the needy. like the children at inner city arts, where the children shared their paint and talent. noted. >> reporter: and where william and katherine left royal handprints as a souvenir from a successful weekend. while the couple was in california, they helped raise an estimated $5 million for the principles' found -- prince's foundation that helps support various humanitarian and environmental causes. a soccer women's team stuns brazil during the world cup tournament. all the details coming up in sports. [ female announcer ] keurig brews more than just hot coffee.
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now you can brew over ice for delicious iced coffee or tea. hot or cold, keurig is the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. choose. brew. enjoy. keurig.
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a few minutes away, sports plus. we have a preview. a lot of stuff going on. >> we finally hit the brake, the all-star brake, so it's probably a good chance for the mini vacation for nasa, a chance to mend and reflect on everything that's happened in the past few weeks. at least they're going into the break on a high note. their win over the rockies today avoided a sweep, stopped their three game skid and now head into the all-star break at 500 for the first time since 2005. their first year here in d.c. >> we needed this win big time. you know, to end the first half .500 and move into the second half on a positive note. we're in a good place to make a run the second half. >> and we've got a chance to see the nats top prospect on the big stage today. the futures game kicks off all- star week out in phoenix.
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18-year-old bryce harper got to start in left field and was second in the lineup. unfortunately though his performance tonight doesn't truly reflect the growth we've seen of him down in the minors. and a thriller of a victory in germany as the u.s. women's world cup team stuns brazil to stay alive into move into the semifinals. facing elimination they played as hard as they could until the final minute. a former player from virginia helped seal the victory. and of course, we bring you the latest edition of the best and worst in the world of sports. this little one is enjoying a warm day at the park. and you know, kids can't really seem to hold on to things very well. so wait until you see what happens next. brett haber with the good, the bad and the ugly. that ice cream looks really good right now. >> the women's soccer team, they really have a chance to win the whole thing? >> they're one of the favorites. they're top of the world. if they keep that momentum
11:31 pm
that's great. recap for us? >> heading for more heat tomorrow. we're going to build it up. heat index could hit 100 by tuesday. >> 100. >> sheesh. >> thanks for watching, everybody. next 9 news now tomorrow morning beginning at 4:25. sports plus is next. have a great week, everybody. bye. [ man ] did we get anything good?
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i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one.

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